Crayon Brush Pack | 2021

Crayon Brush Pack | 2021


Pack Information: 
This brush pack includes 18 easy custom Procreate brushes ideal for drawing with textures and giving your drawings a more traditional feel. 


  • 2 Ink brushes
  • 3 Sketch brushes
  • 4 Crayon Brushes
  • 3 Scribble Brushes
  • 4 Paper Texture Brushes


They are convenient for any level of drawing  and work very well with Procreate's default brushes such as the 6B pencil & previous brush pack. 

  • File Format

    Procreate only brushes (.brush)
    Please read the "Read Me!" text document for the steps on how to download this pack to Procreate.

  • License Agreement

    You are free to use these brushes in any way you like after purchasing the pack. 
    **However, you are not to distribute them in any way such as reselling the pack/brushes or distributing it as a free download on any website.** Doing so will result in copyright consequences.