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Kate Profile 2023

Kate Pellerin is a bilingual Canadian illustrator. During her childhood, she would often take long road trips with her parents between Ontario and Québec. To pass the time during these trips, she would frequently imagine her own crazy stories filled with fantastic creatures and magic as if it was happening live outside of the car window. Because of her active imagination, Kate enjoys drawing whimsical and adventure-filled stories.   


Her interest in drawing began with simple character designs and props inspired by dreams or folklore, however, she quickly fell in love with the idea of illustrating picture books for young children because the possibilities in storytelling were endless.  Kate studied for three years at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) and also completed a Diploma at Seneca College for the Illustration program, specializing in picture book illustrations.

Currently, Kate is an instructor at Seneca College, who also does freelance work on the days she isn't teaching. Right now, she is working on a few books, magazines, a TV show, and finally her social media content.


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