The Kitchen Inside the Bakery

After a month of work and planning, here is my final blog about my series “The Baker & the Little Mice”. This post will focus on the last piece of five even though I originally had the intention of making seven pieces. The reason for that is I thought that four images and a mini sculpture piece would be the best amount - not too much and not too little.

As I've just mentioned, this piece is particularly different as it isn’t just an illustration and since my series is very narrative-driven with lots of little details everywhere, I wanted to include a three-dimensional piece that focused solely on one of the scenes by portraying each individual item found in Jade’s kitchen such as the stove, cupboards, baskets, ingredients, and more. Therefore, I recreated some of the objects from my illustrations and tried to make it so the viewer can have a taste of the world I have created in my mind.

Inside this kitchen, the viewer is able to walk around the front and sides of the miniature sculpture to find hidden elements that one could not see through a two-dimensional piece.

This scene is supposed to be describing Jade’s regular morning routine as she’s setting up everything by baking and placing her baked goods on trays. As she is doing so, we can visibly see a mouse inside a basket of bread. Jade sees what’s happening, however, the following action is up to the viewer to visualize what kind of reaction Jade should have towards the little mouse inside of the basket. At the same time, the viewer would have seen the other four illustrations, so, they already may have an idea of what kind of reaction Jade would have. Because the viewer now has all of the information needed, I've used this final piece to close my series.

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