The Display Window Narrative

Welcome back my dearest reader, Today I am sharing my fourth piece out of six from my series The Little Baker & The Mice. This piece is a continuation of the last post.

In the image, we see Jade, the young baker, finally closing her bakery shop after a long day’s work. Jade gives the mice a forgiving smile as she gazes in the direction of the display window. This tells us that she may be happy to see them at last. Another piece of information that I’ve given the viewer through this piece is that the display window has been drawn and created to accommodate a little family of mice. We see this information from the little ladder, lights and houses added to the window beside all the bread. The viewer can assume any narrative from this regarding the information given but I’d like to give you a bit of backstory as to how I came up with the setting of this illustration. Here’s my take on the story for this particular piece…

“ The evening was particularly beautiful, and Jade decided to stay outside the door a few more minutes to enjoy the starlit sky. Suddenly, she heard a noise coming from inside. It was the mice again! She turned around and looked inside her bakery to see what the ruckus was then saw that some bread had fallen and was already chewed on the floor next to her lovely display window. She sighed, then went to see what was up. She was surprised to see that the whole display window had changed from her previous set. It was a mouse village, almost! "

"Inside the display window were many many mice. Some were playing together at the bottom by chasing each other's tails and some of the more lazy mice were laying on top of display plates and even bread to take their well-deserved nap after a long day of eating. Although, the more Jade looked at the display, the more she found that it looked like a mechanical Christmas display itself. It’s not like she was selling that bread to customers anyway, it was only there to show, so perhaps, having a little mouse village could add to the decorations of her store. She went outside to look again to make her final decision and finally, she thought to try it and see if it worked. Jade went back in and added little ladders to the display, in turn, surprising the mice. She added little wooden houses from decorations she already had before to create a small bread village for the mice and to make her display much nicer. She even added little fairy lights to make it all the cozier and the mice seemed very happy. One mouse even climbed on Jade and nuzzled her on the cheek to express its gratitude. “

* * *

This is the narrative I would’ve loved to disclose to everyone, but I think it is more fun to have others decide their own narrative for this piece, and perhaps the whole series.

See you next time!

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