The Baker & the Little Mice - Intro

Hello dearest reader, This is my first blog post where I’ll be talking about my image series titled The baker & the Little Mice. I’ve always wanted to illustrate a mini-story that had no concrete ending, something I could start and stop whenever I felt the need to. For this particular series, I wanted to focus on the idea of mishaps that can occur in our daily lives and how to positively deal with these circumstances through the eyes of my main character Jade. Jade is the baker and shop owner in my story and throughout the images, we are seeing everything happen from an omniscient point of view. This means that we aren’t specifically seeing through Jade’s eyes or the little mice’s eyes. We are solely watching the scenes develop as they go.

Here you can see my first two images regarding my narrative, however, I'll be talking about my third image titled The Little Helper for this blog post.

The Little Helper

The drawing you are seeing is image three out of seven. Jade is working hard to satisfy her two customers despite the ruckus and problems she had while baking in the morning. She still smiles throughout the day even though nothing went as planned. Though, to her surprise, as she was serving her customers, a little mouse started helping her for the first time. She was amazed though many questions went through her head...

"Were they trying to help her because of what happened in the morning?" She wondered

The little mouse started helping her by taking out the amount of red string she needed. It danced away with the red string in its mouth, making it unwind and spiral out onto the table. The other mice waited around hiding in different areas of the bakery to see what would happen. While the two little kids enjoyed seeing what the little mouse was doing, Jade was still more surprised than ever and couldn't believe her own eyes. She never thought that mice were able to understand to do work and even to the point of helping her! She soon resumed her work, and one by one, the other mice started coming out of their hiding spots to greet each coming customer.


The theme for this particular image is forgiveness, helping each other, and also having fun together. I wanted this scene to have these themes as a consequence of my two previous pieces.

Our everyday lives are filled with unplanned circumstances - some good and some bad. I want my protagonist Jade to be able to show the viewer that even if one's day isn't going as planned, one can always try to make the best of it anyway. You can choose to smile, and see where the rest takes you. You're not going to lose anything from looking at things positively, however, you may feel worse if you look at everything negatively from the get-go. Try it! I'll see you guys shortly in my next blog post!


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